Victor Dvornikov, PhD,, linkedIn

I am convinced one may catch a glimpse of a big idea only from the heights of one's own knowledge and experience. Mine has many ingredients - from math and programming to nuclear, solar, and desalination engineering, to the management of capital projects worth $1.5B.

Today we must admit that knowledge or experience is not an asset until it is digitized.

If you can't digitize it, you don't understand it well enough.

Crenger is my vision of the future of engineering where the engineer creates and the machine implements, where unleashed creativity and imagination drive inspiration.

My final destination is to make mega-project engineering mobile, intelligent, and exciting. In this mission, I face only one dilemma - not to confuse God with Intuition. Which one should I give credit to for all other Crenger challenges solved?

Crenger is an endless row of windows of opportunities that starts at the end of conventional wisdom. To ease this transition for others I published over 100 articles on Linkedin explaining the inevitable future shock. It's not a crystal ball gazer's prediction - it's the Crenger's.

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