project phases

Crenger is digital infrastructure for on-line execution of desalination megaprojects. It covers bidding, engineering, detail design, procurement, construction, commissioning, and operation & maintenance.

Crenger automates & digitizes business process, adding ultimate transparency, 10X speed & quality. As Business platform, Crenger has10X more time to engage employees than any off-work networks, and to start eAd & eCommerce.

For original equipment manufactures (OEM) Crenger creates hyperconnection to tenders, bids, and business requirements tracking.

Crenger extends far beyond the compound business space of such product groups as CAD P&ID, PLM, ERP, Project Manager, business process management (BPM). "Crengineering" describes step-by-step disruption of conventional project engineering.

It takes only 40 workhours to prepare the FEED package, full plant wiring, time schedule, technical and commercial offers for projects over $US 100 million.

It takes no time to issue RFQs and prepare all purchase packages and orders.

Crenger in action

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